Sunday, May 6, 2012

Afunny way to lose weight laugh it off part 2

When chicago public relations professional Betty Hoeffner decided last year to make a CD of uproarious laughter friend thought she was crazy but she had been using concerted laughter to reduce stress for years and was convinced that laughing 10 minutes a day reduced stress for others so she founded the laughtercising program that  graually builds up people ability to laugh hard for 10 minutes at a time and she produced the 60-minutes at a time and she produced the 60-minutes laugh it off CD to trigger laugh contagion

Its just laughing but you have to work up to the 10 minutes just as you would in any exercise program says hoffiner who sells the 10 $ recording through online retailers and  at her laughtercising and hey ugly web sites the latter dedicated to increasing self-esteem in teenagers sales are picking up she says it has just been word of mouth ha ha

Hoeffner breaks into a big raucous laugh as a spontaneous demonstration of proper  technique you just keep going and going and you work up such a sweat and your abs are aching she says you get so much energy you will be vacuuming your house at 10 clock at night just try it

The laughter industry is really funny to me says physician patch adams an alternative medicine advocate and the icon of the health benefits of laughter who returned recently from taking  32 clowns a third of them high school students on spring break on tsunami relief trip to sri lanka

The clearest connection of laughter to weight loss is that depression boredom and loneliness are the gigantic reasons why people eat gigantic quantities of trash and fatness says Adam who founded the gesungheit institute in  arlington and west virginia which works to bring fun and creativity to health care its not really laughter that is a great power but the life that leads to laughter and the readiness to laugh at things

Jacki Kwan a bethesda clinical social worker and laughter clup leader says if there weight loss from laughing it is because people feel better about themselves if laughter would help you lose weight then i would be very thin and iam not but in conjunction with other things exercise and eating right yes

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