Friday, May 4, 2012

How to lose weight on HCG drops

Human chronic gonadotrophin is a hormone found in pregnant women A.T.W Simeon in his essay pounds and inches claimed taking HGC drops while undergoing a low-calorie diet can produce  dramatic weight loss results in short amount of time by suppressing the appetite and encouragine the body to burn fat for energy losing weight with HCG drops should be done under supervised care
1- consult your doctor HCG is a powerful hormone  and while it might have shown weight loss result for some people it might not produce the same effect on you in fact it might cause more harm than good according to the Mayo Clinic the effects of HCG on weight loss have not  been proven at the time of publication and the FDA has not recognized it as a viable treatment for obesity

2- Take your HCG drops exactly as directed-there are several HCG drop products on the market and each one is different administer the drops under the tongue and hold them there for 10 to 15 seconds before swallowing in most cases the drops should be taken once a day in the morning  choose a time frame depending on the type of drop you can take HCG anywhere from 15-40 days the longer you take the drops the more weight you will lose

3- Begin the first phase of the diet with fatty foods it might seem contradictory to everything you know about diets but the HCG diet hinges on storing fat during the first phase to use during the second phase when you will only be eating meat and  vegetables usually during the first  phase the HCG drops are not taken follow the instructions for your particular brand of HCG drop

4- Plan your meals carefully in the second phase the HCG  diet very few calories are allowed per day and only meat vegetables can be consumed prepare shrimp or baked chicken to have on hand when you are ravenous cooking will seem like an insurmountable task anything that requires preparation chopping vegetables or cooking meat should be done ahead of meal times

5- Drink plenty of fluids water flushes the fat out of system and this is crucial to achieving your weight loss goals

6- Keep yourself occupied start a really engrossing novel or go to the movies start a new craft project or take a continuing education class enlist the help of friends to keep you busy the less free time you have the less likely you are to let your mind wander to the kitchen
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