Friday, May 4, 2012

How to get a perfect body

Everyone always thinks in the ideal body but most thinks that is woman
but i want to ask a simple duestion to ladies
What is the body ideal for you?
i think the answer to this question is not easy i personally  i can not answer and i think no women can do
because very simple reason
That everyone standers of beauty vary from one person to another
That is why there are no specific measurements of the body ideal
Maybe some people find that the body is full of somewhat ideal body
other people belive that her slim body is a perfect body
others and especially in the middle east believe that the beauty body + fat body
Thats is why there are no standers but the only measure is you
yes why you surprise ?
just only you can know what is perfect body
dont let anyone tell you about your body beacuse noone know your body like you
  stay away from any words or media go to your mirror and see you in honest and then ask you this
I love my body or not no  no   do this in another way
I love me or not?
this is good yes my lady you love you or not
if your answer yes i really love what i see and i feel my body is perfect so greeting you make good with your self and i wish you all happy in this world
but if you say no what i see this is not me this maybe another woman i hate ok dont worry your not alone in these a lot of people like you maybe more
and dont be sad thats wrong be happy because a lot of people want help you and wating to ask
here in my blog i will try help people need change themself
not for other people no but for your mirror
The perfect body what you love see in your mirror not love the other people want say

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