Friday, May 4, 2012

Body warp a complete kit designed

The ancient Egyptian art pressure wrapping to tighten contour and deeply cleanse the body whatever your shape whatever your age our dead sea body wrap is definitley an experience you will want to keep repeating
This is the body wrap to use when you want a quick and easy way to tone up skin two hours is all you need for a slimmer body with our contouring body wraps you will see and feel visible  results in two hours its a simple way to contour your body and lose inches quickly the appearance of cellulite may also improve its a great way to give your new diet a boost results may vary
For simply easy inch loss body wraps at home apply elegant minerals dead sea contouring clay to entire body or problem areas then wrap yourself up with our professional unwrap after 1 to 2 hrs

Professional body wrap

Apply product to client

Body wrap client in a layer of our pressure wrappings

Maintain client warmth in layers of thermal blankets or have client stay active for 1 hr for effective  results
Client should drink water for the length of the wrap to help flush toxins
Held between and around our fat cells are toxins which build up over many years from daily pollution we add to these depending on our lifestyle people who may smoke or drink alcohol who eat fatty foods and have a high caffeine intake will on the whole have more toxins and notice that certain areas are harder to lose i.e  thighs or buttocks which however much dieting is done refuses to alter its size
The body contouring detox wrap draws these toxins out
Are there any medical conditions which would stop you from having a wrap? People who are pregnant
People who suffer from emphysema or phlebitis

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